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City Tour and Machupicchu

03 days and 02 nights
Price From $ 350

Machupicchu Agricultural Sector


At the indicated time reception at the airport of Cusco and immediately transfer to the hotel assigned for accommodation and rest, we recommend resting for at least 02 hours to acclimatize since the city of Cusco is at an altitude of 3,300msnm. Then in the afternoon, the first visits will begin. 

Day 01 13:00 P.M. City Tour in Cusco

The City Tour in Cusco begins with the pickup at your hotel and then head to the Plaza de Armas of Cusco, famous for having held many events of great importance for the History of Peru. Continuing the tour you will know the Cathedral Basilica of Cusco, a place of great importance for its structure since it was built in the palace of the Inca Wiracocha, currently you can see paintings of the Cuzco school, ancient effigies that support the Faith of the population.

Sacsayhuaman: Itis an Inca fortress located on the outskirts of the city of Cusco. The construction of Sacsayhuaman began during the reign of the Inca Pachacutec in the fifteenth century and was completed by his son Tupac Yupanqui in more than 50 years. The fortress consists of huge stone walls that resemble saw teeth and extend for more than 300 meters. The stones used in its construction are huge, some weighing more than 100 tons. This archaeological center is impressive even today because you can see the cyclopean walls of great height. Sacsayhuaman was the scene of an important battle during the Spanish conquest of Peru in the sixteenth century. Today, Sacsayhuaman is a major tourist attraction and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fortress is also the place of celebration of Inti Raymi, the festival of the sun that is celebrated in Cusco every June 24. 

Qenqo: Continuing the tour, you will head towards the sacred Rock, this place is characterized by the underground galleries in the form of a labyrinth and by the small channels carved in the rocks in a zigzag shape. History says that the Incas performed ceremonies and rituals to their gods This monument was qualified as an amphitheater because it has a semicircular construction, which could well be used as an altar, a court, or a tomb. It is presumed that it was one of the most important sanctuaries that existed in the Inca. Continuing the visit, you will know Pucapucara, known as the control center, to enter the City of Cusco.

Tambomachay: It is an archaeological site that was destined for the cult of water so that the potentate of the Inca Empire could rest. It consists of a series of aqueducts, canals, and several waterfalls that run through the rocks. It stands out from this that, from a main waterfall, the Incas created two secondary waterfalls, which are the same. Here there was also a kind of royal garden whose irrigation came from a complicated system of canals specially made for such a function. Likewise, it constituted a zone of control of the people who came from the Antisuyo, because there was a control tower there.

Koricancha: To culminate the visit you will know The Temple of Koricancha is an important archaeological site located in the same city of Cusco, it was built by the Incas in the fifteenth century and was one of the most important temples of the Inca Empire. The Koricancha was a temple dedicated to the sun and was believed to contain gold and silver objects of great value. Its construction was made with limestone and polished andesite and was decorated with Inca motifs and walls covered with gold and silver The highlight of this place is the temple of the sun, the moon, and the stars, according to history says that they were covered with gold, silver, and precious stones. Return to your hotel.

Day 02: Travel by Train to Machupicchu- P.M. Return to Cusco.

Very early breakfast at your hotel, then you must go to the bus station, to board the bus that will take you to the Citadel of Machupicchu, travel time is, 01 hours 30 minutes, arriving at the town of Aguas Calientes our guide will be waiting for you to take the bus up to Machupicchu, arriving at an  and start the guide to one of the Wonders of the Modern World the Historic Sanctuary of Machupicchu, we will appreciate the incomparable beauty of its legacy, showing us the enigmatic of its places; The architecture of its sacred temples, stairways, the area of the Inca royalty, its terraces the sectors of the urban area, the religious center, the agricultural sector, very important places such as:

The Main Square is a place that matters because religious ceremonies and festivals were held with the participation of the people.

The Temple of Sol: This is one of the most important enclosures of Machu Picchu and is located at the southern end of the citadel. It is said that it was built to pay homage to the sun and that it also served as an astronomical observatory.

The Temple of The Three Windows: This is another important temple in Machu Picchu, located in the central area of the citadel.

The Intihuatana: This is a sacred rock carved in stone that is located at the top of the citadel and is believed to have been used by the Incas to measure the summer solstices and invert.

The visit lasts approximately 02 hours, culminant the visit again must take the bus and go down to the town of Aguas Calientes, where you can enjoy lunch, then you will have some time to know some places in the town. Generally, in the afternoon, according to the information received one day before your trip, at approximately 4:00 p.m. you will board the return train to Cusco. Upon arrival, we transfer you from the train station to your hotel in Cusco

  • Includes:
    • Professional guide in English or Spanish for the tours
    • Private tourist transport for the city tour
    • Entrances in general for the city tour and Machupicchu
    • Train tickets from Cusco/ Aguas Calientes/Cusco
    • Bus ticket up and down to the citadel of Machupicchu.
    • Private guided tour in Machupicchu
    • Lunch in the town of Aguas Calientes
    • Transfers in general
    • 02 nights hotel in Cusco including breakfast.
  • Not included:
    • Entrance to the hot springs.
    • Food only as indicated.
    • Extra expenses.
  • Additional information:
    • The cost is in shared services.
    • The tour is conducted in English or Spanish, any other language must be previously coordinated.
    • They must bring a photocopy of the original documents for entry to the Sanctuary.
    • Comfortable and warm clothing is recommended to protect against the cold.
    • Bring insect repellent and sunscreen.
  • Huaynapicchu:
    • There is the possibility of making the journey to Huaynapicchu Mountain.
    • If you chose to visit Huaynapicchu Mountain, you must communicate in advance to make the respective reservations, as income is limited.
  • Booking Forms:
    • Regarding payment, we offer you different options, taking into account your comfort, paying online ensures your services, you can pay through our website using any type of debit or credit card – when using online payment, you must add to the total a commission of 2.9% this for reasons of service for the money transfer through commercial banks.

    • To book the Machu Picchu tour, we request a deposit of 230 US dollars per person to ensure the income to the citadel and at the same time the train tickets for Machu Picchu, in this way, we guarantee the date and time of your next visit, the remaining balance must be paid up to 24 hours before the start of the tour. If you choose to pay the balance by card, in our office located in Cusco, a commission of 3.9% will also be applied.

    • It is worth mentioning that all DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-TRANSFERABLE, as well as entrance and train tickets.

  • If you have any questions:
    • Of course, if you are a group or more than four-person, we have a special price, according to your needs.
    • If you want a private service, please send a message telling us the number of passengers in your group.
    • We are here to help you by WhatsApp at +51 984 562266
    • You can also send us an email: or send a message in the following form:

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do I prepare myself?

      Travelers visiting the city of Cusco should take into consideration the issue of altitude. It is important to take time to acclimatize, the first day of arrival to the city, should eat light foods, and especially rest so that the “soroche or altitude sickness” will not disturb the plans of the visit. It is advisable, if health allows it, to drink a hot cup of a good infusion, we recommend a good mate de coca, to restore the discomfort in the body.

    • Authorised Tour Operators

      Cusco is a small city and the most important tours are at very close distances, it is always advisable to choose guaranteed options, there are many tour operators that are not authorized, before contracting a tour it is necessary that the visitor checks the most relevant information of the company in the government agencies that give the permission to provide tourist services in the city.

    • Should I use cash money or credit cards for my trips?

      For security reasons it is recommended that you use a certain amount of cash for minor purchases or to acquire any souvenirs or details that the visitor may be interested in. In the city of Cusco the great majority of businesses, use payments with credit or debit cards the case, likewise, there are many agents, banks, and exchange houses, which you can access to remove money without any inconvenience.

    • How much luggage can I take?

      Cusco is a city with a very varied climate, in the months of November to February, are known as the rainy season, the months of May until the end of July are the cold season, and the remaining months are warmer and with better weather. For this reason, it is recommended that visitors wear warm clothing on the tours they take, and always carry sunscreen, light clothing, comfortable shoes for walking, and what is necessary to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

    • Health recommendations

      It is recommended that you take out travel insurance in your home country for any health eventuality or mishap during your time in our country. If you are going to take a tour, either traditional or walking, we recommend that you inform the staff of the company of the different medical treatments that the visitor has been prescribed.